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2. Rhetorical/ Visual Analysis Essay

2. Rhetorical/ Visual Analysis Essay

Choose an advertisement; it must be in a visual format. For example, it could be an advertisement from a magazine or a video clip of a commercial. Write 3-5 pages analyzing how that advertisement addresses the rhetorical situation as well as the rhetorical triangle in order to be more persuasive.

This question should be taken into consideration when forming your thesis statement and writing your essay: 

Do you feel the advertisement persuaded you to buy/get/use the product because of its use of logos, pathos, and ethos? 


-Make sure your essay has a clear thesis and is organized
-It must be in MLA format
-It must meet the 3-5 full-page length requirement
-You should have a Work(s) Cited page citing the advertisement and where you found it

-It will be submitted on ON TIME according to the date/time on your syllabus

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