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Open a WORD file and save it as Lastname_Firstname_Chapter11_Project. Note the Lastname and Firstname is your Lastname and your Firstname.
Navigate to (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. 
Answer the following questions. Make sure to type the question first and then the answer. You can copy/paste from the website.

What is a database? ( Hint: Go to Introduction to Databases)
What are the four Objects of an Access database? ( Hint: Go to Introduction to Objects)
In Access, rows and columns are referred to as ________ and ________  
A field is more than just a column it is a way of _____________________________ 
A record is more than just a row, it’s a ____________________________________
What are Forms used for?
Queries are away of _________________
Reports offer you the ability to _______________________
Access offers you the ability to create a report from any _________ or __________
___________allow you to both add data to tables and view data that already exists

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