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453 Discussion 1 – 500 words or more

453 Discussion 1 – 500 words or more

Discussion 1 – Comparative Analysis On Modern-Day Leaders
This discussion forum will provide you with the opportunity to draw analytical conclusions and make comparative analyses between two modern-day leaders. It is to be based upon research and sources cited at the bottom of your original posting.

Begin this discussion by selecting and researching the two following modern-day leaders:

Howard Schultz (Starbucks)
Jeff Bezos (Amazon)

Research these individuals and choose two who resonate with you, either as good or poor leaders (ideally, one of each) in your opinion. Then, create an original posting that covers:

1) In a few sentences (each), briefly summarize the history of the two leaders you chose, including their present role in leadership.

2) From your readings, what leadership theory underpins the style of leadership they exhibit? Research (cite sources) and discuss.

3) From what you learned, where do you place the two you selected on the Leadership Grid and why? Discuss – don’t upload an image. A good source or explanation of the grid is located at and we will learn more about the Grid this semester, too.

4) Identify something about each of your two choices that you feel would improve their leadership profile or identify some aspect of their leadership style that you find lacking.

5) Which of the two would you prefer to work for (be a ‘follower’) and why?

* Though research is involved, do not quote other writers, please. This is to be written in your own words completely. Failure to write originally may cost you full points. I can’t stress this strongly enough. *

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