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Do you think teams are becoming more common in the workplace? Why, or why not? Explain and discuss your responses.
In my workplace we rely heavily on being a team. Where someone lacks or just need help someone steps up to help. I think it is now becoming common in most workplaces. Teams have been discovered to be of great help to most organizations making them common (Jackson et al., 2015). Teams have many, and this is the reason why groups are becoming common. The importance of teams in the workplace are; 
I. It improves productivity. When there is teamwork in the workplace sharing of ideas is present, and this is effective in productivity in the workplace.  Productivity is what every organization need and any organization that needs it can do anything to achieve it; that is why today many managers are encouraging teams to obtain productivity.  Teams are of great in productivity because it creates flexibility which makes employees comfortable in an organization. 
II. It builds trust. Teams are made to share both ability and skills; thus when working together, it is easy to understand each other and trust each other. Trust is built by sharing; therefore teams play a significant role in creating trust. When people are working together, they are given a chance of sharing ideas unlike when one is working along, sharing skills helps a team to come up with new ideas from team member which helps in solving issues.  
III. Teams bring change (Jackson et al., 2015). In the workplace where there is teamwork it is easy for that team to have a change for better. Since a team brings different ideas, it is for an organization to be innovated due to the change a group what or has made. Today many organizations can fight their competitors due to teamwork. With a good strategy, a team can acquire information from competitors which will help the organization.  Lastly, a good team will help to have feedbacks like from clients which will assist the organization in making changes for better productivity.

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