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Course: BUS300- Business Statistics 

Deadline: (I will collect your written work at the beginning of the class). 
Choose one question of your interest and write a short essay on it. You must voluntarily form a group of 2 to 5 fellow students and work collectively in this assignment. 

Instruction: Write at least two paragraphs and your writing should not exceed two pages (12 pts, Times Roman font, double space). This two-page limit includes the list of any citations or references. This means, you can choose to write just one page, less than one page, two pages, less than two pages, but not more than two pages. Note that only quality of your writing, coupled with the compelling ideas you bring forward are important factors in grading, not the number of pages you write. Your written work will be graded on the scale of 25 points, see your grading rubric for more details. 

· Define a random variable. Define and distinguish types of random variables and associated probability distribution, with relevant examples.

· Define a sampling distribution concept. Discuss the properties of sampling distribution (make sure to discuss relevant examples and applications).  

· Discuss the properties of the Central Limit Theorem. Illustrate the significance of the theorem in science of statistics, inferential statistics and other real-world issues with relevant examples.

Please Include the question so I know which one you answered

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