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Term paper: There will be an individual term paper due on May 10, 2019. You will choose a company that is facing an issue in its nonmarket environment. Analyze the issue and the underlying factors. Also, examine company strategies (and its effectiveness) if currently in place to tackle the issue. Based on your analysis, identify and evaluate the company’s strategy options. In the end, offer recommendations.

The paper must be typed, using a 12-pitch font, double-spacing and 1-inch margins. The text portion of the paper should not exceed ten (10) pages. There are no limits on tables and figures that can be attached. You must provide appropriate citation for the sources used in writing the paper. Inadequate or missing citations will adversely affect your term paper grade.

You should do library research ( for the term paper. The Healey library has available for you several very useful management databases, including Business Source Premier, Expanded Academic ASAP, General Business File ASAP, and LexisNexis. You should also consider using Google Scholar to reach a wide variety of academic articles and materials beyond what you’ll find on a non-academic Google search.

CASE Write-ups: You are required to prepare one written case analysis. The report should be no more than five (5) double-spaced pages long (excluding exhibits and tables, if any). Remember that a busy executive would not take the time to go beyond the second or third pages of a poorly presented report. Thus pay careful attention to such fundamentals as grammar and punctuation, and stick to page limits. You can choose from cases marked with asterisks from the class schedule below for the write-ups.

The preparation of written case reports affords an important training opportunity. The reports should be addressed to someone or some company featured in the case, and they will be action-oriented. Thus, in your writing you should focus on diagnosis and action planning. Do not simply restate the facts of the case. Instead try to do the following:

Identify problems (based on appropriate analysis using theories/frameworks) Prioritize problems regarding timing, importance etc.

Specify the criteria used to choose action

Discover or invent feasible action alternatives

Examine the probable consequences of action alternatives Select a course of action

Design and implement plan/schedule

The above is only a guideline for you to consider. Cases are different, and you may have to modify your approach accordingly.

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