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CMGT 555 Wk 3 DQ 2

CMGT 555 Wk 3 DQ 2

Depending on the type of project and the SDLC applied, system requirements may be developed differently. For example, many current projects use the Agile SDLC, and build requirements based on user-story format. A user story is essentially a use case that describes how a specific user would interact with a system. An example of a user story tied to a customer using an ATM might be, “As a customer of the bank, I need to be able to access my account from an ATM to understand balances across all of my accounts.”
What are the attributes that comprise a quality user story, and why are these attributes necessary? Consider the result of poorly written user stories. Provide an example of what you would consider to be a quality user story. This example can be from experience, from a company you know of, or one that you create.

Respond to at least three of your peers. In your response, consider providing another example of a similar user story. 


I am a Business Tech Support Analyst for a hospital in SD. In my line of job, as a field tech we use ServiceNow ticketing System to streamline my day to day work orders assigned to me. ServiceNow allows users/ employees multiple ways of reporting an IT related issues. When a work order or ticket has been created, the field agent like myself is notified via email or mobile device with real-time notifications to ensure faster customer service to resolving issues within a timely manner. ServiceNow is definitely a quality user story! SerivceNow is very user friendly. As a field agent ServiceNow allows me to analyze the impact of the ticket and the urgency of the ticket, therefore allowing me to prioritize my tickets accordingly in real time. Users/ employees that created a ticket are kept informed about their tickets in a wide variety of ways via phone calls and emails to web forms. ServiceNow also has features like visual and intuitive reporting functionality in measuring performance daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. ServiceNow allows the Techs to specify in the ticket with a type of resolution used (permanently solved, solved through a workaround, not solved, etc.), If the incident isn’t resolved, escalation rules comes into the factor and reminds Techs like myself take new incident resolution actions, keeping Techs to stay within allowed resolution times.
The attributes in Service now is necessary as it improves and streamline processes with Incident and Problem Management. ServiceNow allows Techs to navigate in a clear and visible process hierarchy for better customer satisfaction overall.
The result of poorly written user stories for me would be Spicework ticketing system as it was not correctly
implemented. It did not provide layers of oversight and management to ensure problems are dealt with in a timely fashion and resolved properly. Without careful discipline and oversight, ticketing systems cannot improve the support process.


Since social media is so widely used and always updated or changed around. I would say that because Facebook can be accessed from almost anywhere. The news feed of others is always there, Pictures, updates of celebrities, news, amber alerts, friends, and family and whoever else you allow to see your page and them letting you see theirs. I think that Facebook can be a quality user story because everyone just loves how easy it is to use as well as how manageable it is. Facebook is always getting advertisements which can get annoying for some, but great for others who are using it to find what they are shopping for. I like my Facebook because I sell in some of local groups, I get ideas from others on different items for gifts, as well as getting ideas for new locations to go see. I like how I can even set security options on my pictures so I can keep them in one location and let only certain people see them. I personally have never been hacked by someone I do not know, but there are people out there that have easy passwords that can be hacked. One thing that I really do not like is that people stealing pictures and creating a new profile and making others think it is you.


What attributes comprise a quality user story and why are these attributes necessary?
Let’s take the Ultra Chalkboard as an example for an end user like me. I believe I first used Ultra way back (~2008-2010) when completing my BS. The layout feels the same now as then, and was just as user friendly, meaning I could access account information simply by going back to the main page, and from there make whichever choice I had on my mind. In our class case, I’ve found it is easy to navigate back and forth, and in so doing I’ve found multiple linkages to the items (i.e. Discussion Questions, Course material, UoP email, etc…) all within easy reach and understanding. Entering my assignments, answering tasks, seeking understanding or working to engage with classmates is relatively simple, and at the same time takes a bit of organization and time management to keep things sane. A quality user story will adequately describe the function, utility, and accessibility while maintaining a clear train of thought from beginning to end, and possibly concluding with an assessment or suggestions for improvement. The result of poorly written user stories leaves the reader confused, dismayed, and likely frustrated because the message was not relayed clearly or succinctly enough to provide directing / constructive information. I appreciate the Ultra Chalkboard and the utility it provides to us while interacting with our professors and classmates.

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