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Course Reflection Paper

Course Reflection Paper

Course Reflection Paper
The course reflection paper is designed to provide you the opportunity to reflect on the major themes we discussed this semester and help me, the instructor, know how well you grasped the material. In 1000-1500 words, you will demonstrate what you learned about multiculturalism and multicultural education and what you learned about yourself as a result of taking the course. Be sure to reference book readings, class discussions, video presentations and/or your field experience in your paper. Upload your Course Reflection Paper to the Dropbox by the deadline.
The body of the reflection paper must answer the following questions (in no particular order). Be sure to include an introduction and conclusion and any citations (MLA format is acceptable), where necessary.
Discuss the goals of multicultural education. How have those goals influenced the way you view education and the role of the teacher? 
Discuss two or more of the theories related to multicultural education that we discussed in class this semester.
Describe any field experiences you had that and tell how those experiences relate to one of the major theories.
Discuss one or more of the culture projects and how that has shaped your view of the world.
Discuss one or more of the class assignments (specifically, the poem, the identity exercise with index cards, the burglar v. property buyer exercise, culture bag, or final video) and its impact on you understanding of how your identity was shaped and the impact your identity has on the way you will interact with others.
Describe any experiences you have had in your personal educational experience that demonstrates one or more of the theories we learned this semester. 
Describe any experiences you have had in your personal educational experience that demonstrated actions that addressed the goals of multicultural education. How will you address the goals of multicultural education in your personal and professional life?
Discuss what challenged you, inspired your, or the questions you were left with. Elaborate on one or more of your challenges, inspirations or questions. Attempt to resolve the challenge or question or tell what you might do as a result of your newfound inspiration.
Tell what you learned about yourself as a result of taking this course. Have you or will you make any changes in thinking or practice?

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