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Create a business plan for your hypothetical arts-based venture

Create a business plan for your hypothetical arts-based venture

Description: In this assignment you will revise and augment the materials you have produced in the course thus far to create a business plan for your arts-based venture.
Assignment Breakdown: Create a business plan for your arts-based venture 

Revise mission and vision statement per instructor comments and synthesis of new material 
Revise feasibility study per instructor comments and synthesis of new material and expand to create company description, product and services description and marketing plan 
Revise start-up budget and three-year projection per instructor comments and synthesis of new material 
Write operational plan 
Write executive summary
Format material for submission according to attached business plan outline 

Additional guidance: You have created about 75% of the material required for the business plan in your earlier assignments and are expected to revise that material to reflect the development of both your knowledge base and the venture. The new material includes the marketing plan (how are you going to reach your target audience) and operational plan (how are you going to manage and staff the company). Remember to write the executive summary last, after you’ve developed all of the other sections and please be sure to include both the executive summary and a table of contents. 
Submission: Format your business plan as one pdf document. Make sure to include all the sections indicated on the attached outline (the community development plan is optional based on the products and services provided by your venture). The document should be paginated in the lower right corner and include headings and subheadings to help navigate through the document.

I have attached all of my previous assignments of this course for your information. Since my assignments did not have excellent grades, you will need to change to make it more realistic or sound better.

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