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Design your own original study idea. Your post needs to include the following:

Your original study idea
Null hypothesis
Alternative hypothesis
Best test to use
Results Write-Up in APA format (you can make up values for F, t, r).

Part 2:
 State whether the alternative hypothesis to be tested justifies the choice of test (that is, say whether the test your classmate said is “best to use” is correct given the stated alternative hypothesis) in your reply also include an explanation for your agreement or disagreement. 

– A professor wants to see if amount of time using social media has an effect on academic performance. She uses the students in her four classes to collect the data and each class has 30 students. For each class she assigns them a different amount of time to spend on social media. Class 1 is allowed no social media for a week, class 2 is allowed 30 minutes, class 3 is allowed 1 hour and class 4 is allowed 2 hours. At the end of the week she gives a test based on the material she taught to see if there was an effect in their scores. 
The null hypothesis is that social media has no effect on academic performance. The alternative hypothesis is that social media does have an effect on academic performance. The independent variables is the amount of social media time each class is given. The dependent variable is their academic performance on the given test at the end of the week. The best test to use would be an ANOVA table or post hoc test.
An ANOVA table was used to evaluate the effect of social media on academic performance in conditions of no social media, 30 minutes, 1 hour and 2 hours.There was a significant effect of social media at the p<.05 level for the four conditions [F(3, 22) = 6.94, p = 0.089]. Students are often burdened with the task of writing essays. They need to master various academic topics, understand how to integrate facts and arguments, and organize all of this information in a clear and logical way. This is not an easy task for many students. But fear not! We’ve got your back. Here at, we offer professional academic help that can take on all these tasks on your behalf. All you need to do is fill out the Order form with your paper’s details, and we will get started on it right away!

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