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debt class 4

debt class 4

As a financial adviser to individual investors, your boss has asked  you to write a memo to him so that he can recommend a mortgage-backed  bond to a client. The client has a particular corporate bond in mind,  but your boss thinks that a pass-through mortgage-backed security would  provide a better yield at the same risk level and maturity. The bond  that the client is considering is a 7-year, AA-rated bond with a 6.75%  coupon. When it matures, the proceeds will be used for and are matched  exactly with the cost of his daughter’s college education, which will be  paid in one lump sum. The bond your boss favors is a pass-through MBS  (also 7-year with an AA rating), featuring a 7.15% coupon. Your economic  research department just released a research report that predicts that  interest rates are going to decline over the next several years to  historical lows. 
Write a memo to your boss of at least 300 words that provides the following: 

Your recommendation  
At least 3 reasons you considered to develop your recommendation 

Shortly after you were given this task, you became aware of a new CMO  issue that has an AA-rated, 7-year Class A VADM tranche, with a 7.00%  coupon that uses a Z bond to protect against prepayment and extension  risk. Write a second memo to your boss of at least 300 words that offers  the following:

What the acronym VADM means in the context of MBS  
A description of the new CMO tranche and how it may or may not  be a better choice for the client than the corporate bond and the MBS  that your boss initially recommended

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