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Deliverable 6 – Code of Ethics

Deliverable 6 – Code of Ethics

In this deliverable, you will analyze the ethical implications of contemporary business practices and develop plans to institute ethical policies.
It has come to your attention that some employees are engaging in unethical behaviors. You have heard rumors about these behaviors and other questionable actions by employees. You know that much of your company’s success involves maintaining a positive reputation in the community. That means you must act quickly to stop the unethical practices that have been occurring. You decide that the best method of dealing with this situation is to create a Code of Ethics to give employees a written guide and clarify expectations for their conduct in the workplace. Using your list below of the elements you plan to include, write your Code of Ethics.

Discuss the unethical practices that have been occurring in your business and the challenges those could create.
Explain the benefits of creating a code of ethics for your workplace.
Write a Code of Ethics that would guide employees to conduct themselves in a way that aligns with your company’s values. Include at least 5 principles.
Create a plan to provide ethics training to employees and monitor their compliance.

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