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Design a Lesson – Integrating Media Literacy

Design a Lesson – Integrating Media Literacy

Design a Lesson – Integrating Media Literacy
Design a lesson in which you will integrate media literacy into your classroom.Most likely all of us have used videos and/or PowerPoint or Prezi at one time or another, but this assignment should be one where students are involved in the process.
Consider the learning objectives, description of learning activities, learning material needed, etc. Your assignment is due in Week 8. The following links are provided in order to help you think about the lesson you want to design. Please feel free to use your own ideas.
Media literacy is the ability to “read” television and mass media. Media literacy education teaches people to (1) access (2) analyze (3) evaluate, and (4) produce media. Children who understand the motivations and production techniques of media are less likely to adopt the destructive attitudes and behaviors that are depicted in the media. (
Your text shares information about a “deeper sense of media literacy,” and has listed some key concepts of media literacy. The reading mentions “Project Look Sharp.” The link below takes you to the “12 Basic Ways to Integrate Media Literacy and Critical Thinking into Any Classroom.” Under each of these 12 ways, the authors have given examples of how teachers can use these in their classrooms.

Project Look Sharp – “12 Basic Ways to Integrate Media Literacy and Critical Thinking Skills into Any Curriculum
The link below walks you through using digital storytelling in the elementary grades and beyond.
Video in the (Digital Storytelling in the Elementary Grades–and Beyond)

The link below is a blog, but gives some quick ideas for integrating media into the classroom. You might want to check that one out.

Easy Ways to Integrate Media Literacy in the Classroom

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