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Discussion 3

Discussion 3

Discussion: Identity-Based Needs
In Week 1, you discovered that needs are at the center of all conflicts. The continuum of needs includes survival needs, interests, and identity-based needs. In the case of cultural conflicts, identity-based needs tend to be the most prevalent. The assigned article, “Culture and Conflict” explains the relationship between culture and identity. Your course text explains four categories of identity-based needs: meaning, community, intimacy, and autonomy.
To prepare for this Discussion:

Review the assigned pages in Chapter 1 of your course text, The Dynamics of Conflict Resolution, and pay particular attention to the section on identity-based needs and, specifically, the needs of meaning, community, intimacy, and autonomy.
Review Chapter 4 in your course text, The Dynamics of Conflict Resolution, and focus on how different cultures address conflict.
Review the article, “Culture and Conflict.” Note the discussion about identities.
Select for use in this Discussion a local or global situation in which cultural groups are experiencing or have experienced conflict.
Think about how identity-based needs play(ed) a role in and/or fuel(ed) the conflict.
Reflect on the categories of identity-based needs (meaning, community, intimacy, and autonomy) and think about how they relate to the conflict that you have selected.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post a brief description of the conflict that you selected. Explain how identity-based needs play(ed) a role in and/or fuel(ed) the conflict. Finally, briefly explain to which category the identity-based needs belong and why you categorized them as you did.

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