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Dm 5

Dm 5

Discussion Forum. 300 words
Include at least. words in your posting and at least 250 words in your reply.  Indicate at least one source or reference in your original post. Please see syllabus for details on submission requirements.
Discussion Question 
Search “” or your textbook. Discuss what role end-users typically play in incident reporting? Should end users be encouraged to report suspicious occurrences? If so, why; if not, why not. What factors typically influence the end-user decision to report (or not report) a potential incident?
Reply to classmate1 275 words:
The Role End-Users Typically Play in Incident Reporting
End-users act like witnesses in the reporting of an incident because they spent a lot f their time within the premises of the company. It is much important for them to secure the details of an incident once it has happened such that they will be transferred to the right authority. There is no need to keep the memories of what happened by the emotional factors when there is no evidence of what really transpired (Seidel, 2017). The information ought to be captured as early as possible which describes the incident and indicate a witness statement together with the time off incident. Consequently, other reports which concerns mishap in the IT systems ought to be reported immediately by the end-users.
End Users Should be Encouraged to Report Suspicious Occurrences
The end-users ought to be encouraged o report any suspicious occurrences in the premises because this helps in solving a small problem instead waiting until it becomes a disaster. They are people interacting with most of the machinery hence being in a position to notice any suspicious occurrence hence they should be encouraged to report them.
Factors Which Influence the End-User Decision to Report (Or Not Report) a Potential Incident  
If the incident which has been reported is adequately dug into and the end-users fall victims on the same, they get discouraged to report any incidents which happens again in the premises. The end-users can be encouraged to report incidences following strict policies which should be set to govern cooperation. Thus, they will be encouraged to report because they understand the consequences of not reporting the incidence. The end-users can get encouraged through ensuring that the reported incident has been attended to effectively.
Reply to class mate2 275 words:
An incident is defined as any situation that will stop the business process. In an IT perspective, an incident is defined as Interruption to IT services from tiny part to the whole business. If we talk about the management of incident and resolution, End users role will be always crucial in the incident reporting when there is any security breach until the final resolution. They can give some vital information which will be used to trace the incidents as being a witness. In every case, End users will be accessing some type of data or inputting the data, hence they will have a good amount of information after an incident. Every organization will have a dedicated team of professionals who will handle the suspicious activity and also analyzing any kind of software attacks. When end users witness any incident the primary duty should be to gather as much as information and then reporting the collected information to higher officials for further investigation to resolve an incident.
In order to bring control of situations, proper incident management should be in place. Collection of information about the incident as soon as possible will result in a less confusing situation in the organization. Once the information is in hand, it will route to a proper expertise person who will bring the situation under control. Most of the time, the employees who witness the incident will ignore the situation thinking that other people will report it which in turn makes the situation more complex in identifying the root cause. Also, most end users are not aware of the risk management plan hence the delay in reporting the incidents. Responding and reporting the incident is very important to bring the situation in control. Hence All End user should be aware of security policies and risk management process. Because of delays in reporting will cause the CSIR team to locate the issue and reduce the Organizational loss.
One of the main reason where end users don’t report the incidents is due to lack of awareness where how they can participate in overall security process and what type of loss it could cause a single department or an organization. If the end users are well trained about the severities of security breaches on the organization, they will be more helpful in reporting the incidents and coordinating with CSIR teams for the resolution.
Reply to classmate 3 275 words:
End Users and Incident Reporting
End users are sometimes the customers as they are the individuals who analyses the products completely and they have full information about every product, every service provided to them and incident occurring in an organization. The employees who are the part of the organization, are always with a motive to hide various incidents that might create problem for the company but the customers are always enthusiastic in talking about the scenes that are actually taking place. The company authority relies on the customers as they will actively perform to share information and data and the information are mostly delivered as per the required area or location. Some incidents are reported to improve the operations of the company and sometimes the end customers feel fraud practices are taking place and they present the report directly to the company authority to look after the matter accordingly (Chappell, 2017. Customers are the primary individuals who observe the scenes before reporting so they are mainly encouraged by the other customers to report an incident related to the organization to analyse the practices and operations of the company.
End customers should be encouraged to report any important incident related to the organization and mainly suspicious occasions should be reported to make the company know about the actual problems. It is always necessary to report the incidents because uncovering any incident will reflect various informations that should be known to the company employees and other customers in the market. The company’s operation and performance are mainly examined with the help of the information that are collected from incident reporting. If the customers are encouraged to report a particular incident there is a chance that the existing problems will be solved and similar incident will not be repeated in future (Kelley, 2018). However the customers are not always encouraged to report an incident because it directly affects the reputation of the organization and sometimes uncovering any incident often leads to more difficulties for the end customers. It is always necessary to encourage the customers because reporting an incident is always important for improving the performance of the company.
Important Decision
The main purpose of incident reporting is to upgrade the functioning of the organization and control the existing dangers. End users always want the company to function properly and report the actual incident to stop its occurrence in future. For smooth functioning of the company and to avoid existing danger sometimes the customers take decision to report incidents (Hewitt, & Chreim, 2015). Such reports are mainly provided for a better organization in future and while reporting the customers also come across other hazards that should be reported for early recovery. It is always better to find the hidden problems on time and rectify them rather than having more serious problems in future. However sometimes the end customers fear punishment or harassment for reporting any incident and such problems stop the customers from taking any step to report an incident. There are various laws and policies to provide protection to the customers but the laws are not always active as per the situation.

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