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ECON-Assignment Capitalism Blog

ECON-Assignment Capitalism Blog

Assignment Guidelines
You have been invented to be a guest blogger for the blog series, Understanding Capitalism. Recruited for your expertise with the history of economic thought, your blog should:

Describe capitalism as an economic system by presenting specific examples of the mode of life.
Efficiency and equity are two of the criteria used by neoclassical economists to evaluate economic outcomes. Select eitherefficiency orequity and evaluate capitalism’s success (or lack of) in achieving this criteria.
Define, integrate, articulate, and apply the ideas of oneof the following economists: Smith orPolanyi to your analysis of efficiency or equity.
Excellent blog posts with present a clear and coherent discussion of capitalism and efficiency orcapitalism and equity (i.e., you are not just listing ideas, but your blog has a thesis and you lay out arguments to support it while meeting assignment guidelines.)

Submission Guidelines

Your blog should be 800-1000 words.
Your blog is due on Monday April 29th.
You should include citations where needed.
Creativity in presentation is encouraged such as including pictures, graphs, etc.

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