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EDU 540 Module 4 Coursework

EDU 540 Module 4 Coursework

Using the resources provided and additional relevant resources you find, write a 3- to 4-page paper that answers the question: How and when should an educational organization redesign their curriculum? Be sure to discuss the redesign process and timeframe as well as who should be involved in the process. Support all points you make with material from the background readings or other relevant sources. Be sure to utilize proper APA formatting for your paper and citations.
Assignment Expectations
Your assignment will be graded according to the Case Grading Rubric.
(To view the rubric, click “Assessments” at the top of this page.)

Module 4 SLP:
For your Module 4 SLP, you are building on the curriculum discussion and analysis you started in Modules 1, 2, and 3. It is recommended that you read the prompt for all four SLPs before beginning your Module 4 SLP.
Use the Ten Curriculum Components from Chapter 3 of Wiggins & McTighe (2007) to redesign your selected curriculum. Please note that you are not required to include all curriculum materials (e.g., curriculum maps, rubrics)—although you may include them as appendices/examples—but you must include a discussion of each of all Ten Curriculum Components as they apply to your selected curriculum. Essentially, you are analyzing your curriculum by evaluating and discussing the extent to which it does not does not include each of the Ten Curricular Components. Be sure to utilize proper APA formatting for your paper and citations.

Chapter 3 of the Ferguson (2001) reading suggests involving “parents as co-designers of curriculum” (p. 44). 
Write an original post that answers the following questions:

To what extent have you seen schools/districts involve families in curriculum in the way the Ferguson suggests?
As an educational leader, how could you implement some of Ferguson’s suggestions in your own school/district?

Respond to at least 3 classmates’ posts (by posing thoughtful questions, extending their arguments, incorporating sources, and otherwise adding to the substance of their posts; your responses should not merely repeat what others have said).

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