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ENGLISH Research Paper

ENGLISH Research Paper

                                                             Research & Format Specifications

Use 3-4 sources from a variety of types: book, web site, SFC database, and one source must come from Academic Writing. We will use the Learning in a Digital Age and Living in a Global Culture sections.
Length: 1200 words or about 4 typed pages as well as a Works Cited page.
Double space and print on one side of the paper.
Times New Roman, 12 font, 1” margins, but use left align margins.
Number each page- top right corner- Last Name Page Number (i.e. Lama 1)
Top left corner on the first page only- the heading is also double spaced

Your First and Last Name
My name
ENC 1102.section #
Date (29 March 2017)

Have a meaningful title. Not just Research Paper.
Works Cited page gets its own page. New MLA. See the link in Canvas “Resources” or use Purdue Owl to see current MLA documentation for the various types of sources you may use.

                                                                       Stages and Deadlines

Topic Proposal and Working Works Cited. Submit in class on Mar. 27. Just a few lines and a list of sources that is a working list. In other words, it can change, but it will get you started.
Outline on April 3 in class. See Organizing the Essay below and follow that line up.
Draft on April 10 in class and April 17.
Final paper. Submit online by April 24 at midnight.

 Late Policies

The final essay is considered on time if submitted on the final deadline date no later than midnight EST.
Final Essays may be submitted late up to 2 days- Apr. 26 with a 5 point penalty per day.
After Apr. 26, if there is no submission, the paper will earn 0 points.
Not every piece will be graded; however, if it is not turned in, it will reduce your overall score.


The basic topic of this essay is Digital Developments in your field of study/ major. (If you are undecided about your major, then choose a topic that you are passionate about).
You can approach this essay in different ways, but the basic objectives are to answer these three questions:
What digital developments have taken place in the past in your field of study?
What digital developments are taking place in other countries in your field?
What nation is the optimal place to pursue your field of study as a career?

Organizing the Essay

Overall: Write 7-10 paragraphs- Introduction, 7-8 body paragraphs, and conclusion.
Paragraph 1- Introduce a general overview of digital changes in the US in the last ten years. No in text citations.
Paragraph 2- Introduce your field of study and explain what it involves and what potential career path it offers. End with the thesis statement, which is the main idea of your essay. It will be something like, “In recent years, the field of nursing has seen the benefits of digital technology immerse the profession in its goal to improve the health, comfort, and well-being of its patients.” No in text citations.
Paragraph 3-5- Answer the question, What Digital Developments have there been in the last decade in your field of study? Limit your list to 3 maximum. If you only want to focus on one great one, then that is fine too. That is why I give you a range of paragraphs for this question. These paragraphs will take in text citations.
Paragraph 4-8 (depending on your previous answer to #4) –Choose one other country in the world and discuss what is happening in your field in that country. It should be something that is not happening here, but if you can’t find anything, then report on what you do find. Also, it could be either a positive or negative difference. Remember this is research, so you are simply reporting what you find as neutrally as possible. These paragraphs will take in text citations.
Paragraph 7-10 (again depending- but this is a one paragraph question)- Based on your digital and cultural findings, in your opinion, where is the best country and best city to have your dream career? Even though this is your opinion, don’t use “I”. Keep it business-like. No in text citations.

                                                                                Learning Objectives
This essay is an informative synthesis. Below are the learning outcomes for this specific type of essay:

Offer a clear and objective explanation of the topic with the goal of helping readers understand the subject.
Emphasize material in a source.
Choose a variety of appropriate and credible academic level sources.
Write a well-developed essay with a clear thesis, topic sentences, supporting points, and evidence from your sources.
Synthesize multiple source material with your own words and ideas, cite using new MLA style, and avoid plagiarism.
Format using MLA standards.
Use academic, formal language, avoiding slang cliches.

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