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english writing 11111

english writing 11111

draft should be about selected documentary film / program and how it is sending a particular message about a specific social issue, whether or not we feel that message is effective, and what we feel the social consequences are of that message for society. 
It suppose also include : central claim, organization, development, analysis, clarity of prose , and revision

1. This revised draft must be a minimum of 1500 (min.) – 1800 (max.) words in length, not including the Works Cited. Please do not include the “Workshop Notes” from your WD2 in this revised draft.
Be sure to review the Essay Format Guidelines in the “Course Documents” module so that you understand how to properly format your essay; also, utilize all of the worksheets you feel necessary to help you with revising your draft in the “Course Documents” module.
The Central Claim should address what you feel is the overall message is of your documentary film/program about a specific social issue, whether or not you think that message is effective (or not) in terms of inspiring social change, and what the social significance is of that message.   
Subclaims should be based on how your selected documentary film/program is using different filmic elements to create that particular message through varying effects on the viewer (see Documentary Film Elements in the “Course Documents” module).
Include at least two quotes (no more than two sentences each) from at least two outside sources and be sure to utilize a MLA in-text citation and Works Cited for that source (or any sources used). Make sure that one of these outside sources is an academic/peer-reviewed source (see MLA Citations in the “Course Documents” module).  

Note that film titles should be in italics and you should include a Works Cited citation of your film in your Works Cited.

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