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Assignment: Watch the YouTube video “The 10 Most Controversial Artworks of All Time”. Select ONE of the 10 works discussed in the video and then do a little outside research about the artist and the work then write a short response. 
Criteria: Post in Word Document on BB. Use Times New Roman or compatible font, Font size 11, double spaced. Length should be 2 – 3 pages (Approximately 650 minimum – 900 words). Remember to cite any outside sources you reference using MLA style
In your essay respond to the following questions/issues:

Which of the works do you think is the most AND the least controversial works and why?
How effective do you think controversy is when it comes to art, film, music, etc.?
When you encounter art/film/music you find offensive how do you tend to react? Do you dismiss it outright or do you try to understand why the artist/musician/author is using shock value?
Select one of the works from the video or seek out any other work that has been the subject of controversy then do a little of your own outside research on it and briefly discuss your reaction and interpretation and whether your view changed at all after you gathered additional information about the work. In your response make sure that you clearly articulate the nature of the controversy surrounding the work.

Below is a list of the works discussed in the video. 

Marcel Duchamp – “Fountain”
Guerrilla Girls – “Do Women Have to Be Naked to Get Into the Met”
John Wayne Gacy’s Painitings 
Chris Ofili – “The Holy Virgin Mary”
Guillermo Vargas – “Exposicion No. I”
Orlan – “The Reincarnation of Saint Orlan”
Edouard Manet – “Luncheon on the Grass”
Marina Abramovic – “Rhythm O”
Damien Hirst – “Natural History”
Michelangelo – “The Last Judgment” – Sistine Chapel

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