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Argument Paper:  I don’t have a topic

You will write an Argument paper of 1 to 1 ½ pages. Topics for 
arguments will be chosen by you. In writing your papers you will 
state an issue, pick a position, and then state, in one sentence each, premises in 
support of that position.

Once you have written the skeletal form of the argument, you will then 
provide a paragraph length discussion/explanation of your premises and how they 
support your position/conclusion.The stated premises will provide the topic 
sentences for each individual paragraph.

Each paper will adhere to the following format (example for illustration only):

Here is a template for the argument papers. You can just cut everything not bold and fill in your own work. No title, introduction, or separate conclusion needed (your position is the conclusion of your argument). Just what you see here.
Firstname Lastname
CRIT 1101 Online

Argument Paper 1

Example Issue: (The issue should be stated precisely in the following form, in 1 sentence only, beginning with the word “Whether”). Example: Whether elementary school students should be required to wear uniforms.

Example Position: (The position should precisely parallel the issue, taking a side, in 1 sentence only. Don’t include any “becauses” since those are premise indicators). Example: Elementary school students should be required to wear uniforms. OR, Elementary school students should not be required to wear uniforms.

Premise 1: (1 sentence only for each premise)

Premise 2: (1 sentence only for each premise)

Premise 3: (1 sentence only for each premise)

Paragraph 1: (Here you explain how Premise 1 supports your position)

Paragraph 2: (Here you explain how Premise 2 supports your position)

Paragraph 3: (Here you explain how Premise 3 supports your position)

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