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Fundamentals of Programming and Logic week 3

Fundamentals of Programming and Logic week 3

Assignment Details
You own a consulting firm and a client has engaged you to write a console program. In general, this program must prompt the user for ten numbers, ranging between 10 and 100. The program compares the number entered to the previous number. In the event that it is a duplicate number, the user will be prompted to enter a different number. Display the number to the screen as long as it is not a duplicate.
For this assignment, complete the following:

Write a console application that requests 10 numbers from the user as individual inputs.
Each number must be between 10 and 100, inclusive.
Compare each new number to the last one entered to determine if it is a duplicate. If it is, ask the user for a different number.
Output each number to the screen once you have determined that all conditions are met.
Submit your zipped Visual Studio project.

In addition, prepare and submit a Word document that discusses any challenges you encountered including compilation errors, logic errors, or runtime errors that you had to resolve. The Word document should include your pseudocode and screenshots illustrating the successful execution of your program.

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