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Government’s role with the Internet

Government’s role with the Internet


Due Monday, February 4, 2019(11:59pm) 

Please select your top threeethicstopics (in order of preference) from the list below and emailyour choices to meby Monday, February 4, 2019. I will compile a list by name of your selected topics to reduce the number of duplicate topic areas.  You will only be assigned one topic but I want your top three to make putting together the list easier.  If there is another topic that you think would fit into the class that you are interested in, go ahead and submit that too.  I’m interested in expanding this list.
Paper Requirements:
Requiredtopic headings for your paper should include the backgroundsurrounding the issue, a historical perspective, current issuesthat are applicable, legislationdealing with this topic, examples, global dynamics/impact(such as issues, processes, trends, and systems), personal impactfrom a global perspective, and a summary.  
Each paper should contain a reference list of at least five (5) different substantial and quality references.  The references and reference citations for the term paper must be to a current event less than 4 years old(a reference with no date (n.d.) is not acceptable).  This requires a reference citation in the text of the paper and a reference at the end of the paper to which the reference citation applies.  You must include some information obtained from the reference in your answer.  The references must be found on the internet and you must include a URL in your reference so that the reference can be verified.  
You cannot use information from the text book or any book/article by the author of the text book as a current event.  Make sure that your reference has a date of publication.
The body of the paper should be a minimum of six typed double spaced pages.  Your cover page and reference page cannotbe counted in this number.  You should use the APA format for your reference citations and the reference page.  
This course has been designated as a global course which includes the requirement that you must place this term paper in your ePortfolio in Mane Sync.  A screen shot must be attached to your term paper that you submit for grading to prove that the paper was placed in your ePortfolio.  Directions for using the ePortfolio and be found at the following URL:
Feel free to use the Communications Skill Center (, Hall of Languages, Room 103, 903.886.5280 to assist you with this writing assignment. 
Check out for tips on properly citing works. 

 Comparing Codes of Ethics (pick four ex: ACM, IEEE, etc…)
Cyber Crime, Cyber Forensics, and the Internet
 Data Mining: Methods, Misuse, and Issues Regarding Privacy
Ethical Concerns in the Field of Wearable Computing
Ethical Uses of Cryptology in Computers and Information Technology
 Ethical Issues in Government
 The Ethics of software Use and Acquisition: Applying Copyright and Patent Laws
 Ethical Issues in Research Practices: Rights of Human Subjects, Debriefing, Disclosing Results
 Ethics on the Job: Exchanging Gifts, Outside Employment, Misuse of Property
 Ethical Issues Involved in the Human Genome Project
 Ethics of Downloading Digital Music and Video
 Ethical Questions Raised in the Music Industry
The Ethics of Software Development: Code that Kills
Government’s Role with the Internet
 Hackers and Ethics
 Internet Safety for Kids
 Medical Records: Ethical Issues in Patient Care and Information Distribution
 Monitoring Software: Privacy, Policy, and Practical Issues
 Privacy on the Internet: Practice of “Pipe Dream”
 Technology: The Need for a New Ethical Framework
 The Politics of Gender Equity in the field of ‘computer science’ or ‘information technology’.
 Using Digital Images in Educational Websites and Classroom Projects

Grading Rubric for Term Paper
Grading criterion   Unit Points   Total Points
Uploaded to correctDropbox  4  4
Submitted on time  15  15
Document Filename: 
Your Last Name,first and middle initial with correct quiz number   4  4
(Example only: Creider_RD_tp)
Documentation that you placed the term paper in your ePortfolio in Mane Sync  10
Minimum of 6 typed, double-spaced pages   5  15
(excluding cover and reference pages – use APA style)
Rationally expressed opinions, experiences (personal or observed),  8
arguments and premises (where appropriate) to support responses
(did not simply restate/summarize author/textbook/article)
Clearly presented classical ethics theories relative to topic  5
Included ‘URL’ for appropriate verifiable current event   10  23
(i.e., example of topic being discussed WITH EXPLANATION)
NOTE: Must be less than 4 years old
Grammatically correct and appropriate tone   7
(professional, non-offensive language)
Typographically correct  7  14
Included a minimum of five (5)   7
different substantial and quality references
full citations as needed  3
Used correct APA format  5  15
Used requiredand appropriateheadings  10  10
Maximum grade  100  100

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