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Briefly describe the event that became known as “Scottsboro: An American Tragedy.” What does this episode from U.S. history teach us about the American and southern pasts? In your discussion, be sure to address issues relating to race, class, gender, sex, and southern culture.
Also consider how perceptions of the past affected what people did in their present. In this sense, think particularly about how perceptions of the Reconstruction Era – perceptions we may refer to as the “Reconstruction Syndrome” and which were encased deeply in myth — may have influenced the region’s views of outside opinions and outsiders in general, especially regarding the questioning or challenging (or changing) of local customs and attitudes. Do you consider the Scottsboro incident a historical phenomenon that can help us understand the dynamics of social change (a reference either to people giving in to or resisting such transformations)? Explain. 
In short, how did your examination of evidence associated with Scottsboro help you understand the historical process as not only an art of description or storytelling, but also one of analysis? Do you consider the analytical methods that you used relegated only to addressing the past? Explain.

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