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History HW

History HW

Each question is worth 5 points. 500 words maximum. The full credit answer to each question will respond to the question and cite at least two readings, two lectures, and one presentation. Duplicated citations for different questions will not count. 
1) Within the context of the class, describe the difference between abolitionists and reformists. Provide and explain a contemporary issue and describe the abolitionist and reformists stance on the given issue.
 2) What are the positive and/or negative impacts of the ‘politics of respectability on both the more and lesser privileged members of Black communities? In your opinion, how might any negative impact be changed? 
3) How have Black communities both in the past and present tried to achieve/ possess self-determination?
4) Define the Ideology of Race. 
5) Compare the arguments made in the readings authored by W.E.B. Du Bois and Nat Turner. Do you agree with either/both/neither of them? Why or Why not?

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