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international marketing management

international marketing management

Course works Aims:  To enable students to demonstrate their ability to discuss, analyse, evaluate and apply international marketing theory and strategies whilst demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the subject in relation to the assessment brief in a practical context.  To apply pertinent international marketing theories and examples to the time-released course work outlined below:      Return of Results:   Results will be released by e-transcript through RGyoU and the assessment grading grid will be returned electronically by administration.   Coursework Brief:  Task: (This is a fictitious company).  The company, Activity USA, is a producer of male and female clothing for fashion and indoor leisure use. The company has been operating in the North American market for over 30 years, and as a result of this have gained a great deal of knowledge about their customer group and the internal and external market conditions that effects their particular home niche market.   The company was founded by Managing Director Jenna Henna, over 30 years ago. Activity USA was born from her experience in the leisure wear industry in the North American market. The company now wants to develop a new niche in the U.K. leisure wear market. The initial objective for the company was to introduce unique family-focused leisure wear products into the UK marketplace.  The company through its corporate communications activities invites consumers to upgrade their loungewear collections with relaxed shapes in luxurious fabrics. Company products such as hoodies, cardigans and leggings, with alpaca and cashmere that are perfect for those lazy days at home.  Activity USA are leading their industry in ecological compliance, corporate governance, and social responsibility initiatives. The company operates a very strict environmental policy that ensures that any products that they produce are environmentally friendly and sourced from sustainable farms. The company prides itself on using only quality Colombian alpaca fibres in its products as this is widely recognised as one of the world’s finest quality fibres, prized, for exceptional softness and brilliant lustre.   The company outsources its material production and clothing manufacture to developing nations such as Mexico and Guatemala to keep down manufacture and production costs. However, the company is keen to stress that it operates a fair-trade price policy to the wool growers who produce the raw materials that the company incorporates into its product ranges. The company have identified through their market research that people are increasingly expressing a desire to wear clothing has been sourced responsibly and produced ethically. The company is proud of the fact that it has managed to increase the average salaries of those work for the company by 60% over the industry average in the last two years.  They intend to follow the same eco-friendly low-cost production model in the UK and establish production by contract in Portugal and India. One of the main costs to the company will be distribution and logistics. The company want to bring a limited range of its alpaca indoor leisure clothing into the UK market. The company has a number of strengths such as being very experienced in the marketplace and are seen as excellent brand creators in the original ethical clothing manufacturers sector with a large range of natural products sourced responsibly.  The company has been awarded an environmentally friendly status with a range of its award-winning clothing products. Manufacturing facilities have already been established and have been serving the American market for a number of years. The company are viewed in the industry as experts in new product development and product formulation constantly innovating and increasing its product range, producing very good profit margins for its leisure products. Due to the specialist nature of the company’s products the company can operate a premium pricing policy.   THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS APPLY TO THE COURSEWORK   Format / Instructions/Criteria for Assessment   You must make full use of and apply appropriate international marketing theory in your answer.   Assessment –, you are required to produce a separate word-processed report, which addresses the released issues where the word limit, should not exceed 2,500 words in length plus/minus 10%.  You are required to demonstrate breadth and in-depth knowledge of the target market, different distribution and entry strategies and provide evidence that you have used wide-ranging academic information sources in the compilation of the report.  Hand In Arrangements / Date   Hand in time and date for COURSE WORK ANSWERS is at 1pm (UK time). On the 6th of May through the BS4222. International Marketing Management Campus Moodle page drop box.  While the tasks above can have a practical focus, you must ensure that you provide the appropriate practical and academic justification for your answers. Use the various differing theories and apply these theories and include any competing theories that you can find, as this will demonstrate your ability to apply an evaluative and critical analysis to the various aspects of your answer.   You must make full use of and apply appropriate international marketing theories and target market identification, distribution and market entry strategies in your answer.   Assessment Writing Guidelines:  You are required to produce a word-processed online report, which addresses the different market issues and theories relating to the potential target market, distribution and the different market entry strategies and which should not exceed 2,500 words, plus/minus 10%.   You are required to demonstrate your breadth and depth of knowledge of international marketing theory and practice in relation to an evaluation of the differing target market identification, distribution and market entry strategies available to the firm. You will also need to provide evidence that you have used a range of differing academic sources in the compilation of your online report.   Your online report should be written in report writing style, (in third person).   References must conform to the Harvard reference system. Use the library guide on referencing and adhere to these guidelines. It is expected that a wide range of sources will be used, including journal articles. Guidance on the University’s recommended version of Harvard referencing system is available from the University Library module on referencing on CampusMoodle  Criteria for Assessment:   It is anticipated that you will display your breadth and depth of knowledge in relation to topics such as, target customer identification, international marketing distribution strategy and the different forms of entry mode and evaluation methods that is available to a manufacturer. You must analyse and evaluate the information presented in the case study.  Hand in Arrangements:  Hand in time and date for COURSE WORK ANSWERS is at 1pm (UK time). On the 6th of May through the BS4222. International Marketing Management Campus Moodle page drop box.  The penalty for non-completion of the coursework, without prior notification, is that it is treated as a failed attempt. There is also a penalty for deviating from the word length 1 grade point for deviations in excess of +/- 10% of the specified word count of 2500 words.  The University recognises that illness or other valid circumstances can impact on a student’s ability to submit an assessment. The University operates a Fit to Sit Policy, which means that if you undertake an assessment then you are declaring yourself well enough to do so. The University’s Fit to Sit Policy, therefore incorporates provision for extenuating circumstances.   It is your responsibility as a student to ensure that your School is informed of any extenuating circumstances, such as illness or other valid circumstances, which might prevent you from undertaking an assessment.   The two routes through which extenuating circumstances can be claimed:   Coursework Extension Request Form:   If you are seeking an extension to a submission deadline then the Coursework Extension Request Form should be completed and submitted through your RGU email account to your School. The School email address can be found at:  Supporting evidence should be scanned and included with the email. You will receive an automated receipt of your email which you should retain for your records.   Non-submission: If you are claiming extenuating circumstances in relation to non-submission of an assessment then the Deferral Request Form should be completed and submitted through your RGU email account to your School Office at the designated email address. This can be found at: the completed form should arrive not later than five working days after the date of the assessment submission deadline.   If you wish to be considered for mitigating circumstances as to why you are unable to submit your assessment on time, you must complete one of the forms above (obtainable from the Web). Send this to your Course Leader along with any other evidence that you deem appropriate e.g. a doctor’s letter, prior to the submission deadline.   Finally, all work MUST be passed through the Turnitin system (the guide is posted on campusmoodle). On-campus students must submit their Turnitin report along with their work.  PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT YOUR MODULE COORDINATOR SHOULD YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS/CONCERNS.  Return of Results: Results will be released by e-transcript through RGyoU and the assessment grading grid will be returned electronically by administration through BS 42000 International Marketing Management. Moodle page.

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