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Literature review

Literature review

Assessment 1: Literature Review
Topic:  What are the main causes of anxiety OR depression in young people. 
Due date:
17 April 2019    
2500 words    

Choose one topic from the list of social research topics (provided in week one). 
Read the topic carefully. Write a review of the relevant literature of no longer than 2500words, which covers the following:

(i) Define the research topic and the key concepts in the topic. Write a review which presents relevant literature (research, theory and commentary) about the topic, making sure you point out the gaps in the literature (i.e. what is missing?  What is not known about this topic?  What questions do you have about the topic after reading the literature?).

(ii) The review should critically examine the literature by looking at the conceptual development and interpretation of the topic/problem area, and  the theoretical explanations authors have used to understand the topic.

(iii) Your review should also discuss aand assess any existing research about the topic (or related to the topic if there is none on the specific topic).What does this existing research tell you about the topic?  What were the rsesults and methods used in the existing research?
(iv)  Your review should conclude with a statement about what further research is needed on this topic.  
A minimum of 8 separate sources should be used in the review.
The Literature Review must be typed on a word processor.    
Assessment Criteria
The assignment will be assessed according to the following criteria: (each criteria will be given equal weighting)


Quality overview of the relevant literature
Ability to show a high standard critical analysis
Ability to outline the differences between authors arguments.
Ability to integrate literature and to present it in a coherent and valuable format that argues for the importance of studying the problem/issue you have chosen to research
Adherence to academic conventions of writing (e.g. referencing; writing style)

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