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major assesment 5

major assesment 5

Educators must be deeply immersed in a variety of research-based strategies to support teaching and learning. They must be able to work collaboratively with other teachers to support them in their growth and development in order to meet the needs of diverse learners. As a means of expanding your capacity to develop school environments that support diverse learners, you will first outline a plan for analysis and development of a school environment that supports deep and meaningful learning by all students. Second, select one promising research-based strategy for supporting all students in deep and meaningful learning. Finally, conduct a colleagial briefing with course colleagues. Part 1: Plan for Development of a School Environment 1. Locate the website of a school with which you are familiar. Read and reflect on the school’s mission and statement of values. What philosophy appears to be most in evidence? What leads you to think this? 2. Locate the curriculum links for an elementary school, a middle school, or a high school (select one). Look at the curriculum descriptions in the area you’ve selected.  What is the role of standards?  How are standards and benchmarks reflected in the curriculum? 3. Based on your analysis, what appears to be the primary purpose of curriculum (transmission, transaction, transformation)? What leads you to think this? 4. What appears to be the prevalent curriculum orientation (learner centered, needs of society, academic subjects)? What leads you to think this? 5. Is there resonance between the mission/values and the curriculum as provided? 6. If you were a member of the curriculum development committee at the school, what steps would you want to make sure are included in future curriculum work? 7. If you were a member of the professional development committee at the school, what steps would you want to make sure are included in future professional development work? Part 2: Collegial Briefing Investigate the research and literature about one specific strategy or element related to achieving education that is multicultural. Prepare a one-page (typed double-spaced) briefing statement. In your written briefing statement, please (1) describe the strategy or practice and (2) include useful and current resources. Plan to engage colleagues in a discussion about SECTION V ASSESSMENT ACTION CHAPTER 12 Supporting Diverse Learners on a Schoolwide Level 379 the strategy for approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Engage your colleagues in a discussion of teacher-leader implications (e.g., explore how and when you would support teachers in using these strategies). The purpose of each briefing is for individual students to engage colleagues in a collegial discussion on the role of teachers in meeting diverse learner needs. You may choose from the topics below or select a different topic. 1. Differentiated instruction 2. Response to Intervention 3. Understanding by design 4. Partnership for 21st Century Learning Skills 5. Common formative assessments 6. Constructivist teaching 7. Teaching for social justice and equity 8. Cooperative learning 9. Teacher evaluation/professional development 10. Promising practices in professional development

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