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mgmt 30 2

mgmt 30 2

Article Review # 2 – How Technology Affects the Workforce

 Locate an article online that discusses how the use of technology is affecting the workforce.  This may be beneficial by increasing efficiencies or improving tracking and logistics.  It may also be harmful to an organization by increasing strife among its workforce.  
 Example (don’t use this): 
• New technology, housekeeping among concerns in hotel strikes –
Article Review Requirements
1. Locate an article online that satisfies the requirements for that topic 
2. Complete a 1 page review in the following format
a. Your name, Date, Article Title, Author and Link
b. Double-spaced with 1” margins, Times New Roman 12-Point Font
c. Section 1 – Summarize the article main points
d. Section 2 – Your thoughts on the article… Are the author’s points valid?  Do the benefits outweigh the risks?  What do you think the next iteration of this technology will bring?  Will society or business adjust?

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