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Need 3 question answered based on case Study.

Need 3 question answered based on case Study.

Each information system above doesn’t neatly fall into a single IS  category such as TPS, MIS, DSS, ESS, ERP, SCM, CRM, KMS, collaboration  environments, GIS, GDSS, etc. Rather, most seem to possess  functionalities from more than one category. Identify and discuss the  multiplicity of these categories for each mini-case.

Each  system assists its respective users with decision-making in their work  environments. In what stage(s) of their decision-making (Figure 12-2 in  the textbook) does it provide them with assistance — intelligence  stage, design stage, choice stage, and/or implementation stage? Discuss  and justify your answer.

Each system above is probably interconnected/linked to other information systems in its organization. Although the mini-cases themselves do not address this aspect, from your understanding of organizations, business processes, and systems, describe some possible/likely examples of such interconnections for each system. Explain your reasoning, while explicitly stating any assumptions.

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