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Opinions Change?

Opinions Change?

Documented argument attached below that you are writing this assignment over
We often become polarized in our beliefs about all aspects of life. This polarization happens in the political, personal, and faith areas of our lives. When we make arguments, we expect the listeners to enter the exchange willing to change their stances. Do we enter with the same willingness to change? Kenneth Burke argued that our expectation of correction should apply to our own stance as we enter a discourse. As you approached your controversy, what were your assumptions about the topic? As you researched the topic, how did your opinions solidify or change? Do you still need to do more reading? What did you learn from your research?

In approaching this discussion, work through some of these ideas and start to develop some of the changes in your opinions about the controversy you addressed in your Documented Argument. At the end of your post, make a clear claim about the controversy.
Take time to clearly respond to the provided prompt. All initial posts should be written after completing the weekly readings. All initial posts should be edited for clarity, grammar, and word choice.

Make initial post
250-300 words

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