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Organizational Models: Properties and Operating Environments

Organizational Models: Properties and Operating Environments

Assignment Prompt
Based on the country (or countries) you are analyzing for your global business enterprise, research information related to the following areas:
Strategic Planning for globalization or Entry into the country (or countries)
Develop strategic objectives that communicate major goals related to:
· Target market potentials (market size or share or revenue potentials)
· Product (or service) offerings
· Customer benefits
· Financial aims (market share, return on investment)
· Human Resource Management plan
· Social contributions or social responsibility
Organizational Structure: Discuss the extent to which the organization will use centralization and decentralization.
Staffing Policy: Identify needed skills of employees and managers.  Compare the use of ethnocentric, polycentric, and geocentric approaches to staffing.  (Most organizations need employees skilled in clerical work, marketing and sales, and financial planning.  Also identify needed technical skills for production, research, and maintenance.)
Training and Development: List needed topics and instructional methods for ongoing training and management development related to technical skills, interpersonal skills, language, and cultural awareness.
· An overview of employment positions, including required skills, which would be necessary for the proposed global enterprise.
· A description of training topics and methods for this international business situation.
In a separate Word document (5-7 pages), prepare a summary report consisting of the following components. Provide evidence to support these recommendations.
· A synopsis of the strategic objectives for the proposed global enterprise (23%)
· Organizational structure for the proposed global enterprise (10%)
· Staffing Policy that the proposed global enterprise should choose: Training and development management to be planned accordingly (23%)
· Finally, social responsibilities and contribution to local communities (23%)
· Length: 5-7 page (10%)
· References: APA Style (10%)
Strategic   objectives of globalization or entry to countries 23 
Organizational   structure 10
Staffing   Policy 12 
Training   Development 12
social   responsibilities and contribution 23
5-7   page (10%) 10
References   in APA Style (10%) 10

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