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Policy and Ethics

Policy and Ethics

As we have seen, creating an ethical organization is not an easy task.  Basically, the culture at every level of the organization has to be in tune with this priority.  It has to be a transparent goal, and everyone in the organization has to be held to the same level.  Indeed, it actually has to be something that is a matter of pride for everyone in the organization.   
Many of us participate in team sports or other activities.  I used to play a lot of team sports. (many years ago.  🙂  )  When we were successful it was EVERYONE’s win.   The team would not have achieved success but for everyone’s contribution.  The people who were the backups who sat on the bench practiced just as hard, and knew they would eventually have to take over the leadership of the team.  Our managers,  our fans, the family members of the team, etc. etc. all played crucial parts in the overall success.  Everyone recognized this, and appreciated all of the different contributions.  This atmosphere created a sense of community and pride of accomplishment. 
No, I didn’t have you read that to take you down my memory lane…  🙂  I offer that analogy only to try to explain if you want an ethical organization that works efficiently and serves the public in the best possible way, that kind of “team” effort is absolutely necessary.  Everyone has to feel like they are an integral part of making that happen.  In so doing, you create a supportive atmosphere.  This doesn’t mean there can’t be disagreements.  There will be.  It just means that as a leader, you have to make sure everyone knows they play an important role in the organizational success.   If people have pride in ownership of the accomplishments, they will want everyone else to do their part too.  
This isn’t an easy thing to accomplish.  But, I guarantee you, it is worth it to work in an atmosphere like this.  
Take a look at Exhibit 10.2.  This Exhibit lists 13 different techniques for integrating ethics into agency operations.  
Part 1
For this assignment, I would like for you to pick 5 of these 13 items that you think are the most important ideas to be incorporated into an organization in order to achieve an ethical environment.  
1.  List the item that you picked
2.  Explain why you think this item is so crucial to implement into an organization.
3.  Explain what this means to you.  How would this look or be implemented into an organization?
Part 2
We all have had different work experiences – some better than others.  For this next part of the assignment I would just like for you to write a paragraph or two about your experiences with either ethical or non-ethical things you have encountered in your work or school experience.  
Do you have any ideas for how to make a more ethical organization?  Have you worked somewhere that you believe has a lot of ethical practices?  What are they?  How did it make you feel to work there?  Conversely, have you worked somewhere that did not have an ethical atmosphere?  What made it that way?  How did it make you feel to work there?  If you were going to try to fix that environment, what do you think should be done first?  Any other thoughts or experiences on this topic?
Again, there is not a minimum number of words required.  Just be sure and answer fully and completely for both parts 1 and 2.

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