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Politics, Economics, and Power

Politics, Economics, and Power

Assignment Details
Migration, Immigration, and Power
The movement of people around the world is as old as time, and the United States has experienced this phenomenon for hundreds of years. You will explore and trace the ways in which people have moved to and within the United States and how these movements have affected the social identity, industry, environment, and community development of the United States. Read more about the movement of people west and the impact of Manifest Destiny.
For the Discussion Board this week, consider the impact that migration and immigration have had on American ideas, beliefs, and values starting with the Native American tribes during westward expansion to the current immigration and naturalization difficulties. Compare how the U.S. government’s role and policies influenced immigration and migration during late 1800s to today.
For your Discussion Board post answer the following questions: 

How did the spirit of Manifest Destiny and federal policies guide the outcome of Native American tribes on the Great Plains and west of the Great Plains? 
How do you think immigration policies today facilitate immigration to the United States?

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