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Public Argument Final Draft

Public Argument Final Draft

The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to move from the role of observer into the role of an active participant. Considering background knowledge and the research conducted in the Documented Argument Paper, you will select a clear and precise position. With this position in mind, you will construct a written argument intended for an audience of your peers.
The shift from an objective research paper to a persuasive paper means you are now taking a side in the greater debate. This does not mean you can make unsupported claims or that you simply write “I believe this!” Rather, your claims are now supported by reasoning, examples, and the credibility you establish during the course of the argument. You are arguing for your readers to do something in response to your paper. Do you want them to change their minds? Do you want them to vote a certain way? Do you want them to be more careful? You need to be clear about what you want your audience to do in response to your attempts at persuading them.
You need to include a Works Consulted page at the end of your final written draft. This works consulted page should be written using the APA format and should include sources from your Annotated Bibliography and other primary and secondary academic sources that you found useful.
You are writing for a general academic audience. These are not private journal entries.
Your public argument should be based on your Documented Argument Paper topic. You do not need to choose one of the sides presented in the paper, but the argument you make needs to be clearly related to the paper.
Write a clear thesis statement within the first introductory paragraph. Use the structure of introduction, supporting paragraphs, and concluding paragraph(s) as a way to organize this assignment.
In the body of your paper, present at least three sub-arguments that support your main thesis. Be sure to also include a “call to action.” In other words, after you argue your perspective, in what action(s) would you encourage the audience to take part?
Manuscript Format
Length: Public Argument: 4-5 pages (be within this range)
Works Consulted Page: Should include  any outside sources used.
Font:  You must use Times New Roman 12 point font.
Margins:  1” (one inch) all around. Please double-check your settings in Word. The paper is double-spaced throughout.

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