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consider how samples would be chosen for both probability and nonprobability sampling structures.

Post your explanation of the following: 

Using your research problem and the refined question you  developed in Week 4, develop two sampling structures: probability and  nonprobability.(below)
Explain who would be included in each sample and how each sample would be selected.
Be specific about the sampling structures you chose, evaluating both strengths and limitations of each.
Two  suggesting an alternative sampling structure for their research question as well as an alternate way of selecting the sample. 

Please use the resources to support your answer. APA format

Yegidis, B. L., Weinbach, R. W., & Myers, L. L.  (2018). Research methods for social workers (8th ed.). New York, NY:  Pearson.

Chapter 9, “Sampling Issues and Options” (pp. 202-222)


Problem statement
Couple’s distress has been on the rise in the country and globally. More and more issues arise on a daily basis coming from problems between couples. At times, couples have ended up harming each other to the extent of causing death. This is a major problem in the society. The real cause of the couple’s distress is not clear and thus the reason to conduct this research. It is Important to determine the reasons why couple counseling is important to the old and new couples all over the world. This will mean determining the real causes of distress which in turn cultivates for the need for couple counseling. 
Research Question
What are the reasons behind the high demand and necessity of couple counseling? 
This question attempts to determine the real causes of problems among couples. Generally, it is effective to assume that most of the problems affecting coupes are caused by them. However, it is not easy to point out one main reason why couples have too many problems, even though this was not the case in the past. Determining the real causes will pave the way to upgrade the status and content of couple therapy to match their real needs.

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