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Reflection Paper (Ethical Theory And Management)

Reflection Paper (Ethical Theory And Management)

Balancing economic outcomes, legal requirements and ethical duties requires enacting decisions and taking actions that are consistent with the organization’s philosophy. In addition, it means that an organization’s espoused values and mission must be consistent with the enacted behaviors that take place across the organization. Efforts to provide financial support is critically important in achieving these goals. In addition, performance measures provide control, incentive payments create motivation, prohibited procedures 
defines boundaries, and leadership must consider the extent of various actions by taking into account the implications associated to specific behaviors and how it impacts the various stakeholders within and outside of the organization.

Final Research Assignment requires you to research a company that is currently or potentially facing an ethical dilemma.  Below are some of the questions you should address:

1.  What type of company?  Purpose of the organization; mission and values.

 2. What aspects of the company are changing?  (Merging, expanding internationally, downsizing, changing markets, philisophical, etc.) 

 3. Describe the current or potential ethical dilemma that this organization faces on the horizon?  What seems to be the moral issue(s) at hand? 

 4. Has the company done anything to address these issues?

 5. What do YOU think the company should do to address the ethical dilemma(s)?  

 6. Make sure to identify the economic, legal, and ethical duties impacting the organization 

Make sure to incorporate ethical theories and principles into your paper.


– Please use outside sources to support this assignment as well as Hosmer,2011
sources required.  APA standards apply

– Choose the case study of Exxon Corporation to complete this assignment

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