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Respond to 2 students – 100 words each – due in 2hours

Respond to 2 students – 100 words each – due in 2hours

Due in 2 hours: total of 200 words. Simply respond to each student discussion post with a response of 100 words. You will respond to 2 students which will total 200 words.
Directions: Guided Response: Read several of your classmates’ posts and respond to two of your peers. Examine the possible effects in social relationships and emotional health of the patient and his family members your classmates described.  Did your classmates select the same generation as you did?  Were the perspectives of the individuals that they selected and discussed different due to their perspectives or the stage of life of the family member? What insights or perspectives did you gain from your classmates’ posts?
Student 1 post: Chelsea:
Frederic is considered to be in the elderly and end life stage of Parkinson’s disease. Frederic has got to the point in this disease were his tremors and balance have worsened to point where it is hard for him to move or even stop moving once he has got started going. This can cause an emotional strain on family members of Frederic when they see how he is struggling to do things. Anytime a family member is having to experience a deterging disease it has major effects on other members of the family in psychological/emotional way, and the effects could be in different forms for each person.
Sam is the grandson of Frederic, and Sam struggles with addiction to alcohol, and he has been diagnosed with server substance use disorder. This causes Sam to miss work, have outburst to point he gets into arguments with family, friends, and co-workers. Some of Sam’s issues could be from watching his grandfather Parkinson’s disease progress over the years. Also someone that is suffering from substance abuse that is known to have outburst can easily be aggravated. With Frederic having Parkinson’s it is hard for him to do somethings and this can cause Sam to become aggravated because what would be easy for us doesn’t mean it is easy for Frederic.
Alisha is Frederic’s great granddaughter, who is currently away at college to become a nurse. She is not able to come back on a daily basis due to being in nursing program, so this limits her visiting with her great grandfather. I feel since Alisha is becoming a nurse and she is being trained to put all emotions aside and provide the best treatment possible for the patient, she is handling Frederic’s progressing Parkinson’s disease.
Atlas, S., Matthews, J. R., Fritsvold, E., & Vinall, P. E. (2014). Social implications of chronic illness & disability [Electronic version]. Retrieved from to an external site.
Ray, R. A., & Street, A. F. (2006). Caregiver bodywork: family members’ experiences of caring for a person with motor neuron disease. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 56(1), 35-43. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2648.2006.03977.x. Retrieved from the EBSCOhost database in the Ashford University Library
Student 2 post: Victor:
Parkinson’s disease is considered a neurodegenerative disease, and symptoms can present in a person’s 50’s or 60’s years of age. It is classified by breakdown of four major areas in the body which are the motor system, cognitive functions, behavioral and emotional processes, and the autonomic system. Frederic Olsen is diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), due to this he has limited ambulatory abilities and is unable to sufficiently be independent in his own home. He has trouble with “activities of daily living” (ADLs) and now lives in an assisted living facility.
It is a positive factor that the family maintains a connection with their eldest member. However, there are several individuals in the family who may be strained or restricted from fulfilling their familial obligation. This is due to to the circumstances they are finding themselves in their current stage of life.
Sam Miller is 50 years old and divorced. He is a alcoholic and substance abuse user. This behavior has strained his work life and personal life. He is already bitter about not inheriting the farm so he probably sees no purpose in visiting his grandfather with PD. When he does show up to visit, he will arrive already intoxicated in the facility. The rest of the family would see him as an outcast, and will put distance in their relationship with him.
Looking from the younger generation perspective there is Alisha Goldberg. She is currently a full time nursing student who lives an hour from home. Being a full time student will demand a lot of attention to her coursework. She will miss meeting her familial obligations due to this. The family will most likely be more understanding her rather than Sam. This being that Alisha is in school trying to further her career.
Machado, B. M., Ferreira Dahdah, D., & Martins Kebbe, L. (2018). Caregivers of family members with chronic diseases: coping strategies used in everyday life. Brazilian Journal of Occupational Therapy / Cadernos Brasileiros de Terapia Ocupacional, 26(2), 219–313.
Theed, R., Eccles, F., & Simpson, J. (2017). Experiences of caring for a family member with Parkinson’s disease: a meta-synthesis. Aging & Mental Health, 21(10), 1007–1016. 
Frederic’s disease will have a negative impact on his family since most of them are also struggling with other conditions. Ella has cancer, his son Sam is an alcoholic and her daughter Lila has a very stressful job. Frederic’s condition will, therefore, be stressful to the family since they have to visit him weekly at the assisted living community. As the condition progresses, he will need more attention and care. They also need a lot of finances for his treatment and his continued stay at the assisted living community. When Ella is unwell, one of her children will have to go look after their grandfather. Sam is an alcoholic and therefore they cannot put too much trust on him. Lila has a demanding job and would, therefore, lack time for the visits and hence the burden will be left on Joe.
           Ella believes in traditional ways of healing and that’s why she has been trying to heal her cancer using traditional methods. Lila on the other side, unlike her mother, is modern and goes for treatment in a hospital since she suffers from diabetes 11 condition. They, however, share a similarity in belief since they both agreed on taking Frederic to a care center and also for medication too.
There is an expected change in both the behavior and emotions of the family members. They will have to adjust their life in order to help Frederic. Sam will be forced to sober up because he will have to visit his grandfather when the others are not available. Lila will also have to balance between work and family. The deteriorating condition of their grandfather will affect all of the family members negatively. Their grandmother had earlier on died and Frederic was the only first generation remaining and therefore the idea of losing him will have to torture their emotions.
Tomlinson, Claire L., et al. “Systematic review of levodopa dose equivalency reporting in Parkinson’s disease.” Movement disorders 25.15 (2010): 2649-2653.

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