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Sociology Paper

Sociology Paper

Due Date: April 9, 2019
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For the third application assignment, watch Jessica Ladd’s TED talk, The Sexual Assault Reporting System that Survivor’s Want(link below). Then, revisit the readings about sexuality, especially those about culture and consent (pages 215-216), in our textbook. Write an 800-1,200 word essay that analyzes and responds to Ladd’s presentation, drawing on our discussion and readings about sexuality. Your essay should be clear, concise, free of grammatical errors, and make a logical argument.

Consider structuring your essay in the following way:

How does Ladd characterize the current prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses? How common is sexual assault according to the data Ladd presents? Do the statistics about the prevalence of assault surprise you? What about the statistics about how many assaults are actually reported and how frequently people are held accountable for those assaults? What specific part of this problem is Ladd’s system trying to solve?
How might sexual scripts, the heterosexual double standard, and homophobia contribute to a culture in which sexual assault is common? How do those factors make it difficult for victims to come forward to report rape and assault?

What is the solution to the problem, according to Ladd? Do you think the kind of system she suggests would help make sexual assault less common? What else do you think universities can do to cut down on the number of sexual assaults that occur on campus? What can we as individuals do to address the root of the problem?

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