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Consider this hypothetical scenario about Jenny Small, one of the top players at the university where you serve as Athletic Director. Jenny is likely to be recruited to play professionally, although she has expressed her intent to graduate first. Over the past six months or so, you have been hearing rumors from several sources that Jenny has accepted several gifts, including cash, from one or more agents. At different times, the sources have pointed out that Jenny seems to have very nice things – from cars to clothes to jewelry – even though Jenny and her family have very modest means. You have questioned Jenny’s coach about these rumors, though her coach is shocked to hear the allegations. These rumors have built momentum, and now you have to address them publicly.

For this assignment, you will create a video of you, as the Athletic Director, reading a statement to address these allegations. You will submit your written statement to serve as a transcript for your video statement, which should address the following considerations:

The nature of the allegations
which NCAA rules might be violated
which level of NCAA infraction is involved with the alleged violations
who is responsible for preventing violations of these rules
how the allegations will be investigated
future education, training information about professional agents

To create a video note, select the Record video option in the assignment submission area. You will need your webcam to complete this video. Press the New Recording button when you are ready to record your video note and the Stop Recording when finished. 

Click the Add button to include the video in your assignment submission. Note, the Video Note tool records a maximum of 3 minutes. Plan on splitting your video into multiple segments.

Length: no more than 3 minute video, plus the written statement
References: cite all resources used, including NCAA rules
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