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Supply and Demand Conditions and Price Elasticity of Demand (Coca-Cola)

Supply and Demand Conditions and Price Elasticity of Demand (Coca-Cola)

DUE TOMORROW 04/2/19 BY 13:00! Two to Three pages
In last week’s assignment, you introduced a firm (Coca-Cola) for analysis in your research paper. You also provided an overview of the firm (Coca-Cola), which laid the groundwork for your analysis. You provided a history of the firm (Coca-Cola) as well as current information about its goods/services and areas of operation. 
This week’s assignment will help prepare you for the final project that is due at the end of the term, where you will imagine that you are a consultant to the firm of your choice, (Coca-Cola). The firm (Coca-Cola) has hired you to advise it on how it can ensure its future success as a company in its current market. To do this, in your final project will write a research paper analyzing the market and business data to explain how the core microeconomic principles impact the sustainability of the firm and what actions it can take to ensure success.
The purpose of this week’s assignment is for students to begin their firm (Coca-Cola) analysis from a microeconomic perspective, applying concepts learned in the last three weeks. Specifically, students will examine the supply and demand conditions for the goods or services the firm produces, paying close attention to how sales and product development have evolved over time. Students will then apply the elasticity concept to determine how the price elasticity of demand for the firm’s goods or services would be categorized, and they will examine what that suggests for the firm’s ability to increase or decrease prices.
Submit a draft of the supply and demand conditions (Section II) and price elasticity of demand (Section III) of your research paper, including all critical elements listed below. You will analyze data on firm (Coca-Cola) sales and in the market overall to identify trends and inform your recommendation for the firm’s future actions. You will also use available data to determine the price elasticity for the goods or services your firm produces and explain the factors that influence consumers’ reactions and the firm’s pricing decisions. 
Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed: 
II. Explore the supply and demand conditions for your firm’s product.
     a) Evaluate trends in demand over time and explain their impact on the industry and the firm. You should consider including annual sales figures for the product your firm sells.
     b) Analyze information and data related to the demand and supply for your firm’s product(s) to support your recommendation for the firm’s actions. Remember to include a graphical representation of the data and information used in your analysis.
III. Examine the price elasticity of demand for the product(s) your firm sells.
     a) Analyze the available data and information, such as pricing and the availability of substitutes, and justify how you determine the price elasticity of demand for your firm’s product.
     b) Explain the factors that affect consumer responsiveness to price changes for this product, using the concept of price elasticity of demand as your guide.
     c) Assess how the price elasticity of demand impacts the firm’s pricing decisions and revenue growth.

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