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As part of your assignment, it is mandatory that you include the following items with your assignment:
1) Academic Honesty Statement
You must include the below paragraph in the comments box ALONG WITH your NAME and DATE. This information is worth part of your grade (see the grading rubric for this assignment).For further information regarding plagiarism, please see the Academic Honesty Policy in the Student Handbook.
I, TYPE IN YOUR NAME, certify that I have personally completed this assignment based on my own personal efforts. I understand if I use outside sources, I must properly give my source(s) credit using the APA format and my paper should not include more than 20% of direct quotes from other sources. I understand if I do not provide proper credit to outside sources, I will be documented for plagiarism and be required to resubmit a new assignment. I will not divulge the content of this assignment or any of my work, generally or specifically, to any current or future James Madison High School students. DATE:
 Example of Academic Honesty Statement
2) Plagiarism 
Your paper will be screened for plagiarism. If you feel you need help in this area, please email your teacher, visit our online library (the Learning Resource Center), or feel free to book a one-on-one appointment with a writing coach.  Appointments are available HERE.
Click HERE to review your paper for plagiarism.
“Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has many themes, including the powerful nature of both love and fate.  Choose one  SECONDARY character in the play (Tybalt, Mercutio, Nurse, Friar Lawrence, or another secondary character of your choice – NOT Romeo or Juliet) and write a 3-5 paragraph essay that discusses how this character contributes to the overall theme of the play.  You may want to consider some or all of the following in your writing:
– How does the secondary character you have chosen influence Romeo and/or Juliet?

– How do the actions of the secondary character you have chosen impact the eventual tragic ending?

– What, if anything, would have been different if this character had not been created?  Would the ending be different?  Why or why not?

– Discuss what theme this character contributes to and how? Provide examples wherever possible.”
Make sure to save your assignment as a Word (.doc) document and submit as an attachment below.
Secondary Character Analysis Essay Tutorial
Secondary Character Analysis Essay Outline

State the play, the author, and identify the theme of the play.
Identify the secondary character you have chosen, and make a statement of analysis of how that character affected the outcome and a theme from the play.
Provide 2 to 3 supporting reasons for that statement (these are the points you will expand upon in the body paragraphs).

Body Paragraph 1

Discuss Reason #1 from the introduction.
Provide quotes or specific descriptive details from scenes in the play to develop this reason.

Body Paragraph 2

Discuss Reason #2 from the introduction.
Provide quotes or specific descriptive details from scenes in the play to develop this reason.


Sum up your overall analysis
Restate your main reasons for this analysis.
Do Not  provide any new details from the play in this paragraph.

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