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This I believe

This I believe

Create a TIB Audio Essay in which you express a personal value that connects to someone or something else. 

The audio essay should be a scripted essay (350-500 words), which you will read out loud and record (no more than 3 minutes in length).
You may not reuse work submitted to another course for your TIB Audio Essay.

Use Value Sort to help you identify your personal value or belief.
Tell a story from your own life that explains what has led you to the belief.

Be positive. Say what you believe, not what you don’t believe.  Avoid statements of religious dogma, preaching or editorializing.
Speak in the first person.  Read your essay aloud to ensure that it reads the way you speak.
Although you are not required, you may wish to connect your value to a theme or work discussed in the course and explain how the course has helped you better understand or rethink what you believe

Record your essay using the recording tool in Canvas or whatever recorder you prefer.

You can record in Canvas using the filmstrip icon in the Media tab of the submission window.
Use the “Media Tab” ONLY if you are recording in Canvas.
Infuse your reading with the passion you feel for your belief.
Slow down! Think about the words as you read them.
Re-record your audio essay until you feel that it effectively communicates your belief.

Step 2: Submit the Draft Recording of Your TIB Audio Essay

Upload your audio recording (no more than 3 minutes in length)

For instructions on how to upload audio, click hereActions .

Check box to acknowledge that the work is your own.
Click submit by the deadline.
After you have submitted your Draft Recording, you next need to submit your Draft Transcript by clicking here.

About the Grade for the TIB Draft Recording

Students will receive 10 points for completing a draft recording by the deadline. 
A rubric is provided below so you are aware of how the Final Recording will be graded. Each criterion is set for “0” because TAs are not to use the rubric to grade your Draft recording.
Please use the TIB Rubric to revise your draft recording for the final submission.

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