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Unit 6 – Final Project Vision Statement

Unit 6 – Final Project Vision Statement

Beginning with this assignment you will work the rest of the semester on a series of team assignments which will take your team though the scrum framework and allow you to simulate a scrum project with two sprints.
The first step in a product development project using scrum is a product vision. The team must know the product they are building and why. This product vision is typically created by the product owner. In this assignment, you as a team, will come up with a new product you would want to build. For this assignment the product you pick should be a software product. You can either choose an existing software product you want to compete against or come up with a new idea. The easier solution would be to pick an existing product and create a competitor. The reason is, you know the features and functionality that exist in that product already and what you do or do not like about the product. You could use some of the same features for your product and then evolve or replace the feature you do not like. The more difficult option is to come up with a new product and the features that you want in that product. Remember you will be building user stories for this product from the product vision, estimating the user stories, and prioritizing them. Make sure your idea is robust enough for 30 user stories.

For this assignment submit just one word document per team with this following information:

Product Name
Is there an existing product or products which will compete with this product? If so, what are they?
Write a product vision using one of the formats in Essential Scrum book pages 292-293
What are 5 features of the product

Additional resources you can use:
8 Tips for creating a compelling product vision
Building a Product Users Want
Four steps to defining your product vision with agile management

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