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Week 7

Week 7

As the Athletic Director at Academic High School (AHS), you are responsible for securing officials for all home football games. You call referee A on the phone and he agrees to referee all five (5) home games this season for a fee of $100 per game.
Two days before the first game, referee A calls you and says he won’t be available this season because he is moving out of town and will be refereeing home games for the high school in his new home town 200 miles away. You immediately call referee B, who agrees to referee all home games for a fee of $150 per game. You decide to sue referee A.

Answer the following questions:
a) Was there a contract between AHS and referee A?

b) What were the five (5) basic elements of the contract (NOTE: One of them isn’t “Agreement” or “mutual assent” as is alluded to in your textbook).

c) Did referee A breach the contract?

d) Which contract remedy would you seek and why? NOTE: If you say “monetary damages,” be specific as to which kind. 
e) What would the monetary damages be to AHS?

NOTE: The low dollar figures of $100 and $150 per game should have no effect on your responses to the questions above (although the difference in the dollar figure should). In other words, don’t say the amounts in question are inconsequential.

Be sure to: 1) use and define the legal terms/phrases that apply; 2) include a minimum of two internet references; 3) properly cite and reference all sources using APA format.

BE SURE TO NOT EXCEED 375 WORDS, please answer all the questions in A-E format.

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