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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic homeland security and critical infrastructure protection.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic homeland security and critical infrastructure protection.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic homeland security and critical infrastructure protection. In the book “Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection” Collins and Bagget attempt to critically examine the current gaps in the American homeland security strategies and the potential ways of protecting the critical security infrastructure from any risk. With particular emphasis to the contemporary vulnerabilities of our security system as well as to the threats of terrorist attacks, the book also offers a comprehensive review of the security options in the future. The first few chapters focus on the background of the US department of homeland security as well as the evolution of the various critical federal security infrastructures. These chapters also review a number of relevant legislative acts, key presidential directives and the ways of assessing the current American security infrastructure. On the other hand, the book comprehensively highlights the key political, social and economic systems whose disruption can result in significant harm to the American homeland security. Consequently the authors suggest that homeland security strategies should always be designed to ensure the safety of these key resources and infrastructure. The next group of chapters discusses the significant sectors of the federal infrastructures. Some of the key infrastructures covered include banking and finance, agriculture and food, telecommunications, energy and the transport industry. Collins and Bagget further assert that one of the vital concerns of the homeland security apparatuses is to protect these infrastructures and address their vulnerabilities to security risks such as terrorist attacks. The security measures discussed include the implementation of standardized security systems, enhanced intelligence system, partnerships with the private sector, establishment of security buffer zones and improved information and intelligence sharing among various federal agencies. Generally each of critical infrastructures demands specific measures of guaranteeing their future safety. The third section of the book “Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection” dwells on the various security concepts. In this section, the authors also focuses on the four major pillars of our homeland security which are mainly preventing security related hazards, risk preparedness, response to the security challenges and the recovery process from any potential harm to the national critical infrastructures. The two authors further suggest that the current homeland security risks are both natural and manmade threats or hazards such terrorist attacks, hurricanes, cyber intrusions, earthquakes and accidents. Consequently addressing the security of the critical infrastructure demands strategies and plans that balance the traditional American resilience with informed risk prevention and preparedness mechanisms. In this regard, the implementation of such plans will in turn require effective partnerships between the private and public sectors both at the federal, state and regional levels. For example the two authors argue that the Federal, state and regional agencies all have their unique roles to play in providing security to the national critical infrastructure. These unique roles have in turn resulted in different approaches that are dependent on the needs of critical infrastructure being taken. The approaches are however brought together by their common goal of managing the potential homeland security risks and responding to the emerging threats to the American society. Strengths and weaknesses of the book Although the book has a few inconsistencies with regard to how thee authors have attempted to address some of the current homeland security risks, it has however effectively covered most of the challenges facing the contemporary political, social and economic systems in the United States.

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