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Write a 9 pages paper on compare and contrast the article towards a common culture.

Write a 9 pages paper on compare and contrast the article towards a common culture.

Write a 9 pages paper on compare and contrast the article towards a common culture. It is and has been transforming in the past years as it tends to exist only in people’s minds. For one to better understand exactly what culture is, it is important for them to take a closer look at its characteristics or features. All that man acquires in the course of his social life is included in culture and thus separates him from the lower animals (Austin-Broos, 1987, p.21). Even though there are those individuals who may tend to believe that culture is inborn it is not. Culture is generally learned and is more often than not referred to as learned ways of behavior (Eagleton, 2000, p.11). Culture is also not something that is possessed by just an individual but is actually shared by a group of individuals for instance values, morals, beliefs and traditions. Another characteristic that culture has is the fact that it is different from one society to the next. Cultures tend not to be uniform and vary from time to time. In addition, culture not only guides but it also determines a number of activities where man is concerned (Austin-Broos, 1987, p.22). It is thus considered a process through which man achieve satisfaction of his wants. This essay will specifically take a look at two articles by Eagleton, T (2000) and Austin-Broos, D. (1987) where it will compare and contrast what these two authors are trying to bring forth to their intended readers. ESSAY There exists two different components where culture is concerned that is material for instance everything that is fashioned, transformed or made by man in society and non-material such as beliefs, dance, music, attitudes and ideas (Eagleton, 2000, p.12). It is important for any given society to possess culture as the community tends to gain a personality as well as a characteristic of its own due to the culture of its individuals. Culture is considered a bond tying the individuals of a given region or society together (Austin-Broos, 1987, p.23). It is also a system of social control as people shape their behavior and standards which in turn influence one’s way of living (Eagleton, 2000, p.13). A number of authors and publishers have in the recent past made efforts of not only defining what culture is but also taking an in-depth look at how it applies to and the importance of it in any given society. Some of these authors include Austin-Broos, D. (1987) and Eagleton, T. (2000) who have published a number of books investigating this particular subject matter. Towards a Common Culture by Eagleton Terry “Towards a Common Culture” in The Idea of Culture by Eagleton, Terry (2000) is an article discussing culture and especially emphasizing on the discriminating different references to culture (Austin-Broos, 1987, p.24). The author deliberately does this as a way of introducing the reader to some of the current debates around this particular subject matter. Eagleton has put forth in this article an argument for a more complicated relation between nature and culture where he makes an effort of retrieving the importance of such ideas as human nature as viewed from a non-naturalistic perspective (Eagleton, 2000, p.14). In addition, the author has made a radical inquiry as to why both creditable and discreditable reasons regarding culture have come in this day and age to increase as much as it has. Eagleton also acknowledges the significance of culture as a way of putting it back to its place.

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