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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on how world wide web and internet affected globalization.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on how world wide web and internet affected globalization.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on how world wide web and internet affected globalization. Social networking has also made the world small and accessible to most individuals, regardless of their location, age, and economic status. The cost of internet connections has become cheap, allowing most individuals, regardless of economic status, to use the internet. In effect, the internet has made it easy for social, economic, and political interactions to be carried out among people from most parts of the globe. In other words, the internet has expanded the extent of globalization. This paper will discuss and critically evaluate the extent to which the World Wide Web and the internet have affected globalisation. This discussion shall start with an overview of globalization and the internet use. A critical discussion on the impact of the internet on globalisation shall follow. Finally, concluding remarks shall end and summarise the discussion. Globalisation and the Internet Overview Globalisation refers to the process of making a phenomenon, activity, or product worldwide in scope or utilization (Milward, 2003, p. 14). Generally, globalisation is also considered the process of incorporating the world closely with each other in terms of its economics, politics, and culture. The World Wide Web and the internet, on the other hand, basically refer to the interconnected global networks of computers where documents, images, messages, and similar information are transmitted electronically to each other (Bidgoli, 2004, p. 264). The internet is in many ways a tool for globalisation, expediting the process of globalisation and allowing it to reach a bigger population at a faster and more efficient pace. In effect, the internet has significantly impacted on globalisation, allowing for a more comprehensive process of globalisation to be implemented in most parts of the globe. Critical Evaluation Computers and the internet support globalization by providing major changes in the processes of communication, making geographical considerations superfluous elements in establishing collaborations and business interactions with other countries and other nationalities (Adam,, 1997, p. 115). Globalized computer technology has also allowed new technologies and social organizations which impact on the effectiveness of businesses and the improvement of lives of ordinary individuals. The impact of globalization, however, is based on people’s understanding of globalization, including its social and economic aspects. Globalization can be seen at the international and national level. infrastructure is also usually established nationally as people often use their telecommunication structures within their countries (Adam,, 1997, p. 116). These structures are crucial to the internationalization processes of globalization and other elements and issues which refer to the international operations of globalized infrastructures. Globalization is made possible by various commercial processes and incentives in the improvement of efficiency. it is also driven by the need to improve the quality of lives of individuals. The internet is a major element of current globalization practices because the internet allows for a wide and open marketplace for information, goods, and services (Adam,, 1997, p. 117). With the advantages of the internet, the globalized marketplace has now made possible the establishment of electronic analogues in financial practices.

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