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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on integrated concept process model and school-to-work.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on integrated concept process model and school-to-work.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on integrated concept process model and school-to-work. They undertake these activities while being guided by professionals who have both knowledge and experience in education. The role of these professionals is mainly to assist the students to apply the skills they acquire in class in real-life situations. The students can derive from this kind of a scenario several benefits. One of these benefits is that a student can discover the challenges he might encounter in his professional occupation. They can also learn how the skills learnt in class are applied in real-life and the adjustments required in making them suite different situations. Moreover, they can understand the connection between various academic concepts and occupational concepts in their field of study (Erickson, 2002). Previous research indicate that students who move directly from a school-to-work program to employment have better chances of getting good jobs compared to other students (Stull & Sanders, 2003). Therefore, school-to-work curriculum assists a student in acquiring a better job after graduating. Teaching lesson planning concept to education students The subject of effective instructional teaching is very crucial among all the students aspiring to become professional educators. The subject has several discipline-based concepts one of them being the concept of lesson planning. To teach this kind of concepts effectively, it is essential to develop a method that would be based on the school-to-work curriculum. The method I would use to teach this concept is the use of projects. The students would be expected to design and implement a lesson plan under my supervision or that of any other professional educator. To achieve the best possible result using this method I would design a rubric that would assist the students to understand what is required of them and assist the supervisors in helping students achieve highest standards possible in lesson planning. I expected that the teaching method would benefit my students in several ways. It would enable them to have the ability to effectively design and implement a lesson plan. It would equip them with knowledge on the challenges they might encounter in their career and thus help them prepare accordingly. Using this teaching method to teach the concept of lesson planning would enhance the students understanding of the concept and their ability to apply the concept in their specific area of specialization. According to Anderson (2009), a teaching method is effective only if it enhances students’ learning. The approach of teaching that this teaching method uses could enhance learning among students and therefore it is an effective teaching method. Evaluation of the implementation of the school-to-work curriculum School-to-work curriculum involves programs like youth apprenticeship, high school academies, tech-prep program, occupational academic clusters, and cooperative education (Bailey, 1995). Each of these programs has its own implementation approach in the specific situation in which they can be implemented successfully. However, currently all these programs can only be implemented only in the high school and college levels of education. The implementation of these programs also requires dedication of professionals as well as resources. Therefore, the implementation of school-to-work curriculum is a somehow cumbersome and thus requires collaboration of various stakeholders.

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