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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on software development (java).

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on software development (java).

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on software development (java). The working methods illustrate the functionalities / pusposes of the different classes. The underived class checkStock has not been dervied or linked to any child classes and therfore it has been shown seperately with its data members and method members. Class Hierarchy_Diagram The class hierarchy diagram shows the 5 classes in a hierarchical way with the super class / parent class / base class on top i.e., the class calculateCost. The child classes are shown at the bottom and they have been labelled as implementing classes with definitions of the member methods of the parent class. The super class has been labelled as an abstract class because of the absence of method definitions i.e., abstract methods. Instance_Diagram The instance diagram shows the object instances of the class calculateCost and its sub classes: box, triangular and cylindrical. It shows the super classes protected data members being accessed by the sub classes. The instance diagram depicts the flow of the object oriented program and traces the entire execution path or process flow of the application. It shows the values and the calculations as it occures in a real time execution scenario. Use Case Diagram The Use Case diagram illustrated the actors i.e., the Operator who initialises the stock of grade 1, grade 2, grade 3 of boards present in the company’s reserves for designing of tubes and boxes. The processes of a customer logging in and making an order choice for a box or a tube, the grade and the other additional specifications like reinforcble bottom, sealable top, color printing etc. Calculation of Cost: The cost is calculated based on the grade of the material. The additional costs of sealable tops, reinforcble bottoms, color printing are added to the total cost as percentages The main calculation is involved in the part where the surface area is calculated using the method calculateSurfaceArea. It accepts the inputs for total units ordered (example n), the dimensions and the type ( board grade) from the user. For the Box it calculates the surface by employing the folowing mathematical calculation: Surface area = n X length X height For the Triangular tube the following calculation is performed Surface area = n X {(0.5 X side1 X side2) + {squareroot {(side1)2 + (side2)2}* height} +side1 X height + side2 X height For the cylindrical tube the surface area is calculated using the following mathematical formula: Surface area = n X 3.14*radius2 + (2 X 3.14 X radius * height ) Here n is the number of ordered units or the quantity Height is the height of the triangular or cylindrical tube Side 1 and side 2 are the two sides of the triangle base tube Radius is the radius of the cylindrical tube Length, breadth and height are the three sides of the box Calculation of available material (Quantity Exceeded) The total ordered surface areas of grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3 are compared with the initially entered quantity of board material by the order.

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